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The BlueSky Account is a trading account that we run as an example for individuals who take our investment course and for the folks who have a monthly subscription membership to our OptionsWest Trading Service. The BlueSky account invests exclusively implementing a simple long stock trading approach employed by professional trade-desk investors.  The BlueSky stock account works to achieve its annual return objective of a 30% to 50% gain. The BlueSky account has consistently reached this objective each year since its inception in 2009. The trading strategy we employee in this stock trading account is exactly the same approach that is taught in our courses and webinars. A daily record of the detailed trades made in this account is available 24/7 in the member’s area of our website through membership in the OptionsWest Trading Service. The member’s area also provides a number of reports that are helpful in finding good stock investment candidates.

Timely email alerts of every trade and management move we make in this account are also sent to subscribers of our OptionsWest Trading Service.

OptionsWest Trading Service

This monthly subscription service allows you to follow along with the details of the BlueSky Account and the EquiFund and much more.

The OptionsWest Trading Service is a monthly subscription membership that allows members to follow along with every trade and management move we make in the BlueSky Account and the EquiFund account. It also includes daily email alerts on every trade and move we make and gives members access to an array of reports and information in our member’s website. We trade both these distinct example investment accounts, each utilizing a specific trading strategy as examples for our clients. Along with our core BlueSky stock trading account, we also manage the EquiFund covered calls sample account. Each trade and position move in both these accounts is shared via timely email alerts, daily email reports, and access to the member’s area of the website. A daily log of both accounts is also available 24/7 on the member’s area of the website with your login and password. The OptionsWest Trading Service is free for the first 30 days and $69.00 per month thereafter.

The Blue Sky account employs a very conservative, simple and effective trading strategy. The account uses trade-desk skills employed by professional traders to earn significant double digit annual returns. Many times the account is in a cash position waiting for obvious opportunities. The account uses the S&P 500 index as a guide to market sentiment and patiently waits for conservative entry points in stocks and sectors that are currently “working” and in favor with the market. We have found this approach of technical entries at obvious buy points, while simultaneously protecting the downside, to be a very simple yet lucrative approach. The stocks we select to trade in this account are chosen first for their technical aspect and secondly for their fundamental characteristics. Every management move in this account is shared via timely email alerts and daily reports. Our annual return objective for this account is a 30% to 50% gain. This account has always met its annual return goals.

Successful Stock Investor

Our On-line Course offers a live classroom environment

Our on-line live webinar style classroom offers as our core course the “Successful Stock Trading Course”, a primer in the trade-desk skills required to run a successful simple long stock investment account. This on-line course teaches the same approach that we use to run the BlueSky account that has been so successful over the past ten years.  These on-line classes can be taken as often as once each week, or when they fit into your schedule.  They offer an in-depth study of the specific OptionsWest trade-desk skills we utilize, as well as instruction in the use of software and web based tools we employ to run a successful account.  Learning our core software tools and informational support sites are also a component of the course and are an integral part in mastering successful trading. This course is the perfect avenue for leaning to run and manage a consistently successful trading account.

We also offer a complete on-line Covered Calls Trading Course to further your understanding of the professional investors toolbox. This course is not required to run a very successful stock trading account, but for those who find this endeavor fun and profitable, this advanced course can greatly enhance your trade-desk skill set.

We also offer an advanced trading Options course for experienced traders looking to add a professional approach to their options trading skill set.

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