Advanced Trader Course

This course is for experienced stock traders interested in learning to trade options

The Advanced Trader Course is for a very select group of traders who are interested in full time market investing where a good portion of their day, 4-6 hours, is spent managing their trading accounts. This is obviously not for everyone and the style of trading that we demonstrate carries with it significant risk. This is options and LEAP investing and it is inherently very risky; high risk, but with high reward as well.

This course includes (3) classes that concentrate on Stock and Options trading, including the magic of Volatility Squeezes. This approach to trading is known as “momentum investing” and is a strategy that many professional traders use to run money in their own accounts.

The Advanced Trader Sessions

Session 1

(3 Hour Class)

The first session works through running a stock trading account and the approach we take in our own accounts. We look at charts that we would invest in right here and right now. Our stock trading approach works for realistic percentage return goals that are achievable and establish workable risk/reward ratios that are sustainable.

Session 2

(3 Hour Class)

Session number 2 is all about options and LEAPS trading. These trading vehicles obviously carry a large amount of risk. We work though the parameters of this risk and how to mitigate them as best as possible. This session walks through our approach to trading risky options, the pitfalls and the benefits. We also set some realistic profit objectives and rules to exiting a position.

Session 3

(3 Hour Class)

Session 3 is a workshop finding and setting up real options and LEAPS trades in the market. We will walk through our approach to trading an options trading account.

Full Color Workbook for Each Class

Each of the three sessions includes a full color workbook detailing the contents and presentation of the class.
Many of the reports we make available on the member’s area of the website are also shared.


The Advanced Trader course is for those who are willing to take inherently more risk than the average trader. We are always available for email suggestions, thoughts and opinions on stocks and trades, although the nature of this type of trading of course holds no guarantees. Our job at this level of trading is to be a sounding board for positions and possible trades you are making and share our insights. We also welcome any trading ideas that you may come up with as well.

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