Covered Call Calculator

The Covered Call Calculator is a wonderful tool for designing
risk adverse OptionsWest style spread trades

OptionsWest “Covered Call Calculator”

The OptionsWest Covered Call Calculator is the perfect tool for designing profitable OptionsWest style Covered Call trades. Once mastered, the calculator provides an easy and straightforward method for constructing lucrative risk adverse covered call positions. Helping you build trades within your risk parameters is the calculator’s job. The basic version of the calculator is available to our OptionsWest Trading Service subscribers. The advanced version is included in our software trading platform (TradeView) and integrates seamlessly into a trade worksheet that helps you follow and manage your positions. In TradeView the calculator is part of a complete trade management software that assists in position decisions and can keep track of all the details of an OptionsWest style spread trade account. We can teach you how to use this tool in our investment education courses. A sample graphic view of the “Covered Call Calculator” is presented below:


The OptionsWest Covered Call Calculator is available to subscribers of the Trading Service

Trading Service

The OptionsWest Trading Service manages three trading accounts as examples for our clients, the EquiFund, the Blue Sky Account, and the Active Trader Account. Each trade and position move in all three accounts is shared via timely email alerts, daily email reports, and access to the member’s area of the website. The member’s area maintains a daily record of all three accounts and also presents a variety of stock selection reports and tools. All the email alerts, stock reports and tools are available as part of the monthly subscription. The information is available 24/7 in the member’s area of the website with your login and password. Members who have taken the Weekend Course or the California eight-class course receive 12 months of the trading service as part of their tuition.