Investor Education Overview

OptionsWest offers two approaches for learning how to invest successfully

Investing in the stock market can sometimes seem like a real puzzle, it does not have to be that way. Successful investors make great returns in the market, while amateurs tend to get a little frustrated. OptionsWest would like to help you solve the puzzle and start enjoying the returns that can be achieved when you have learned this craft. OptionsWest offers two investor education approaches to mastering the skills we practice in managing our successful investment accounts. First, we provide courses and weekend seminars taught in our California classroom and second, we provide the OptionsWest Trading Service, with sample trading accounts, email alerts, investment tools, and access to the member’s area of the website. The classroom investor education training is invaluable and is designed to really hone a student’s skills. The OptionsWest Trading Service supplies all the tools and information needed to practice and learn our approach. Following along with the Trading Service, its email alerts and active trading accounts, is the perfect view into successful investing.

Two keys to mastering successful investing skills

The OptionsWest California classroom provides a learning environment that has been truly successful in teaching investing skills. Online training and CD courses, where the material is basically self-taught, are not the optimum approach to really learning this skill set and getting a demonstrable investor education. Our classes are a hands-on, real world learning environment with an instructor who has the experience to impart all the nuances of this craft and to answer questions as they arise. The classes are small and the personal attention you receive is an invaluable benefit and help in making trading a skill that you own.

The OptionsWest Trading Service manages three trading accounts as examples for our clients; the EquiFund, the Blue Sky Account and the Active Trader Account. Each trade and position move in all three accounts is shared via timely email alerts, daily email reports, and access to the member’s area of the website. Along with tips from the learning center, all the tools and reports we use to manage our accounts are available to help guide you into the details of the approach we take. The basic version of our Covered Call calculator, with its specific risk level parameters is also included in Trading Service subscription. The trading Service is a great way to enhance your investor education.

The Free Starter Class

Our introductory class is a full two hour plus presentation of the OptionsWest story and how we arrived at the strategy and approach that is so successful in achieving consistent returns of over 50% a year. The class is available online and is also presented live in our California classroom with an instructor ready to answer all questions. Both online and classroom Starter Classes show the strategy in detail and how we run an account like the EquiFund that achieves these outstanding annual returns. The Starter Class in an invaluable introduction to our successful investing approach and is highly recommended for even experienced traders as it lays the groundwork for learning the principles of good equity risk management.

Investment Classes

The first three courses listed below teach the same core education, skills and tools that we use to achieve consistent 40%-50% returns in the EquiFund. The Successful Investor course is our full curriculum and is recommended for all but very experienced traders. The Fly-In Weekend Seminar course is for those who are not local to our California classroom and is designed with a refresher weekend built into the plan. The Experienced investor course is for those individuals who have been trading for years and already understand the concepts behind options and options spread trades. The Advanced Trader course is an advanced course for those wishing to trade full time and learn the specifics of options trading. This Advanced options course is not recommended for less than full time traders and is not required to earn healthy double digit returns.

Courses Available

The Successful Investor Course

The Successful Investor course is our flagship curriculum consisting of 8 three hour classes designed to greatly enhance your investor education. These classes are taught in our southern California classroom in Rancho Santa Margarita (South Orange County). Each class is approximately 3 hours long and must be taken in order. Clients take the classes typically once a week or every other week, as there is homework to accomplish between classes. The course is actually self-paced, you make take the classes whenever they fit into your schedule. A detailed breakdown of the material covered in the eight classes is presented in the “Successful Investor Course” selection under the Investing Courses pull down menu from the website homepage.

Fly-in Weekend Seminar

The Fly-In Weekend seminar covers the same course material as the eight-day “Successful Investors Course”. It is presented as an intensive 3-day (Thursday thru Saturday) group of sessions. This long weekend is an avenue for out-of-town clients to really learn the Equifund trading strategy and build their investor education. The Fly-In weekend course plan includes a refresher weekend, as some of the nuances of trading become much clearer after you have some experience with the approach. Besides the working sessions we usually take lunches together and the seminar includes a dinner on us Friday night at a favorite local eatery.

Experienced Investor Course

For investors who have extensive experience trading stocks and are familiar with options and options spread trades, we offer our Experienced Trader Course. It consists of five (3) hour sessions in our California classroom that cover the core materials presented in our full eight-class “Successful Investor Series”. This course is fast paced and offers the EquiFund trading strategy in a more condensed format to move more quickly through your investor education.

How to Pick Stocks

This one day class is a primer in how the stock market and Wall Street really work and a hands on step by step approach to picking good stocks that are working right now. This class will show you how successful professionals quickly and intelligently work through the market to find great trades. This class will teach you the method we have successfully used for years to consistently select and implement sound trades.

Learn to Run a Successful Stock Trading Account

This three class course is a complete education in successful stock trading.  Running a successful stock trading account is not that difficult. It does require learning the skill set and the approach that professional traders have mastered.  This skill set is a craft that anyone can learn and make their own.  We promise you will learn this skill and approach.

Advanced Trader Course

The Advanced Trader course is a three-class course curriculum in advanced stock and options trading. This course is only for those wishing to trade full time and who are comfortable with a high level of risk. It is assumed traders will be running multiple trading accounts with various strategies employed. This advanced investor education is taught in our California classroom..

On-Going Support

For those clients who complete one of the above courses, the OptionsWest Trading Service is offered as part of their tuition for up to a year after completing the classes or weekend seminar. They will continue to receive the email alerts and full access to the member’s area of the website for a full year after the completion of their course. On-going support also includes phone and email question support during the year and they are welcome to attend the monthly on-line Super Session meetings as well.

Once per month, usually the Monday afternoon following Wk3 options expiration Friday, we hold our Super Session on-line meeting. This meeting is about an hour long and is a live webinar covering the previous month’s trades in the Equifund, as well as the new trades for the current month. We walk through the details of each trade, talk about the over market direction and status, discuss stocks that are being traded in our Active Trader Account and Blue Sky account, and answer any and all questions that come up. The meeting is interactive and all participants in the meeting can share comments and ideas.

OptionsWest Trading Service

Monthly Subscription

The second key to mastering successful investing skills is found through the OptionsWest Trading Service. This monthly subscription service allows clients to follow along with every trade and management move we make in the EquiFund, the Active Trader Account, and the Blue Sky Account. It also supplies an investor with the same tools we find necessary to successfully trade these accounts. Following along with our email alerts and updates to the member’s area of the website allow clients to learn from example the methods and approach we employ. The basic version of our Covered Call calculator, with its specific risk level parameters is also included in the Trading Service subscription, along with instructions from our Learning Center. We also supply extensive stock research reports that allow investors to get right to trading, saving valuable time and effort in searching for trading opportunities.

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