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What is OptionsWest?

Very simply, we teach successful investing. We know that investing is a skill set that can be taught and we offer the tools and education for succeeding at this craft. The opportunities available to individuals who know how to invest in the stock market are tremendous. Successful investing can open up a whole new world of financial possibilities for you and your family. Our aim is to help make financial freedom a reality and not just a dream for those who do not have the time to spend hours each day managing their investments, nor do they wish to become full time professional traders. We teach a very specific skill set and provide the training and software tools that allow non-professionals to grow their accounts at significant annual rates of return.

We have three avenues for learning how to invest successfully in the market. The California classroom course, our fly-in comprehensive weekend seminars, and, our monthly membership subscription Trading Service.

Trading Service

Our Mission

Our clear mission is to open thought to the fact that achieving consistent success investing in the stock market is an acquired skill. This skill can be taught, we know this because we have been doing for years. Learning the approach that experienced investors employ and applying this wisdom in practice is a very achievable objective. The stock market will give you consistent small returns that add up to double digit annual returns when you learn and employ the principles of risk management. Our goal as an education company is to share this craft and its benefits with our clients and to watch them realize the possibilities as they grow into successful traders.

Very simply, we teach successful investing!

On the west coast, the stock market is open for trading from 6:30am until 1:00pm and all of us involved with OptionsWest are actively trading during those hours. We manage our own accounts as well as a few educational funds. The classes are usually planned for afternoons and weekends.

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