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OptionsWest On-Going Support

The Successful Stock Investor course is our core education offering and is the complete picture and skill set for learning to manage a successful simple long stock trading account.Upon completion this core course you will be ready to practice learning the practical application of  a this skill set of running a successful stock trading account. You will know how to enter technically positive trades and manage an account to protect profits. In beginning to practice your new skill it is important to take advantage of our on-going support. Making full use of the OptionsWest Trading Service is a key to successful trading. Attending our monthly on-line Super Session trader meetings is a great way to advance your understanding of trading and to learn how to really utilize the Trading Service and all of its various reports.

Clients who have taken a trading course are encouraged to email any and all questions about their trading or the course material presented. We will do our best to answer in a timely manner. Clients may also call us with questions, although please do this after trading hours, as we are usually immersed in the market. Membership in the OptionsWest Trading Service allows students to stay fully involved in the BlueSky and EquiFund accounts, through daily email alerts and the Daily Rocket market report. It also allows clients access to the members area of the website with it’s many tools and reports. On-going support also includes phone and email question support and of course the monthly on-line Super Session trader meetings as well..

Once per month, usually the Monday afternoon following Wk3 options expiration Friday, we hold our Super Session on-line meeting. This meeting is about an hour long and is a live webinar covering the previous month’s trades in the Equifund, as well as the new trades for the current month. We walk through the details of each trade, talk about the over market direction and status, discuss stocks that are being traded in our Active Trader Account and Blue Sky account, and answer any and all questions that come up. The meeting is interactive and all participants in the meeting can share comments and ideas.

The OptionsWest Trading Service manages two trading accounts as examples for our clients; the Blue Sky Account and the EquiFund. Each trade and position move in both accounts is shared via timely email alerts, daily email reports, and access to the member’s area of the website. Along with tips from the learning center, all the tools and reports we use to manage our accounts are available to help guide you into the details of the approach we take. The basic version of our Covered Call calculator, with its specific risk level parameters is also included in OptionsWest Trading Service subscription. The trading service is a great way to enhance your investor education.

The Daily Rocket email report is a email message that is sent out each day after market close recapping the current status of the market, as well as all management moves made in our two example accounts, the BlueSky account, and the Equifund. The Daily Rocket also includes comments on the market environment and thoughts on specific investment positions. This report has been a great learning tool for our clients. Below is a sample of a Daily Rocket email report.

For clients who could benefit from investment consulting, individual training and specific help with our trading approach, OptionsWest offers an avenue for personal one-on-one investment consulting. On-line webinar consulting sessions are available for working through the details of your trading positions and/or learning our approach and tools. The sessions are typically one hour in length and can be scheduled during or after market hours, your choice. We use an on-line meeting software platform that allows you to view our computer screen and participate with full interactive voice conversations. We can also record the session so you can review it anytime you wish.The cost of each consulting hour session is $240.00 hour,