Successful Investor Course

This course is our core curriculum for learning how to trade an EquiFund style account.

The Successful Investor course is our flagship curriculum consisting of (8) three hour classes. These eight comprehensive classes give you a sound foundation for successful trading and include a course of study that will allow you to invest with the same strategy we use in the successful EquiFund account. These classes are taught in our southern California classroom in Rancho Santa Margarita (South Orange County). Each class is approximately 3 hours long and must be taken in order. Clients take the classes typically once a week or every other week, as there is homework to accomplish between classes. The course is actually self-paced; you make take the classes whenever they fit into your schedule. We also include “free refills”, you may take the classes as many times as you wish and come back for refresher classes anytime within a two year period. Acquiring the skills of a successful investor requires a rigorous and thorough approach, but a journey that is well worth the effort.

Shown below is an outline of the topics and concepts taught in each class. The classes cover basic through advanced topics and are designed to give you a solid investing foundation, as well as, teach the very specific trade that anchors our EquiFund trading account with its 40% to 50% annual returns.

The Successful Investor Series of (8) Classes

Class #1     Successful Investing 101

(3 Hour Class)

The first class provides the groundwork and foundation for the entire investor course including the establishment of what we call your “trading command center”. This command center is essential for successful trading and includes all the tools you will need to master OptionsWest style investing. This class also covers the nuances of the stock market environment, the basics of Wall Street’s approach to investing, and an introduction to stock valuation, the Multiple, the PEG, and risk vs reward.

Class #2     Options 101

(3 Hour Class)

Class number 2 of the investor course is all about options, options trading from A to Z. Even though risky options trading is something we never recommend to clients or any investor, learning about the world of options is helpful in getting a good grasp on the risk levels of spread trading. Options play a part in mitigating the risks of the trades we place and learning to minimize risk is an imperative skill. This class also covers more about the stock market; how it acts and thinks and how we can learn to understand it. More work on you command center is part of this class as well.

Class #3     Covered Call Concepts

(3 Hour Class)

By this 3rd class you should have your command center pretty well organized and be familiar with the tools and trading software. The Covered Call Concepts class begins our journey into using a specific type of covered call trade to minimize our investing risk. The Covered Call calculator is introduced and the full concept of this trade is presented. We also begin working through examples of some of the risk parameters of which we need to be aware.

Class #4     Covered Call Trading

(3 Hour Class)

In class number 4 of the investor course we really begin work practicing the trade that will be the core investment vehicle for your OptionsWest style covered call trading account. We walk through all the steps from choosing stock candidates, to designing a minimal risk trade, to placing the trade, placing automated “delta out” orders, to managing the trade and closing the position. We also start to get a feel for the importance of learning to read charts and practicing technical analysis.

Class #5     Covered Call Workshop

(3 Hour Class)

This class must be taken when the stock market is open to take advantage of practicing and placing live “virtual” trades. This workshop runs through every step in the process with the real market action.

Class #6    TradeView Investor

(3 Hour Class)

This class is a complete nuts and bolts look at the TradeView software that is the key management tool in your command center. The software allows us to design and manage a trade through to completion and also to manage an entire account for a year. TradeView saves time, prevents us from placing trades outside our risk limits, and is indispensible in managing a position. TradeView can keep us on top of the accounting of our trades, where your broker debit/credit accounting picture is many times hazy. TradeView also saves us time better spent on enjoying life.

Class #7    Technical Analysis

(3 Hour Class)

Class #7 is an in-depth look at learning to read and analyze stock charts. Mining charts for the vast array of information they provide is a skill that that will go a long way in successful investing and this investor course. Technical Analysis, (Reading Charts), is actually a common sense skill that is quickly understood and does not need to be made over-complicated. We apply a few basic over-lays that are utilized by the majority of Wall Street investors to give us a glimpse into what the market is thinking. Using charts saves time and is wonderfully useful tool for investing successfully.

Class #8    Stock Investor

(3 Hour Class)

The last class in the series is all about running a successful stock trading account. Sometimes in managing our spread trade, we may become inadvertent stock owners and learning how to think about a stock trade is very important. This final class in the investor course looks at the difference of stock trading and owning a stock after a spread trade, there is a significant difference.

Full Color Workbook for Each Class

Each of the eight sessions in the investor course include a full color workbook detailing the contents and presentation of the class. Many of the reports we make available on the member’s area of the website are also shared, along with homework to keep you involved with the learning process.


The Successful Investor course is the complete picture and skill set for learning to manage a successful OptionsWest style covered call account. When you have completed this 8 class course you will be ready to practice learning the practical application of this skill set. You will know how to place this trade and manage an account, although you will have little month to month experience. Your job upon completion of this course is to trade virtually month to month with a level of funds that you might be actually be trading in the near future. These are basically month trades, so each month you will have another month’s experience. It will of course be your decision when you are ready and confident to begin investing with live funds.

Along with your month to month virtual practice regimen, attending our monthly online Super Session webinars is a great adjunct to really honing you new skills. The feedback and Q&A during these meetings is a valuable part of your training.

We are always available as well for email and phone questions when you have issue; we are here to make you a successful investor.