Successful Stock Investor Course

This course is a detailed education in the skill set needed

to run a successful stock trading account.

This course breaks down the Wall Street culture and shares the details of how the stock market thinks and works. The classes focus on learning how to run a successful stock trading account where significant double digit annual returns are your objective and expectation. The skills required to achieve consistent positive returns in the market are simple, yet powerful and are those same skills practiced by professional trade-desk investors.  This skill-set is a craft that can be taught and applied by anyone who is serious about making market investing a profitable venture and a discipline they have mastered. 

Successful Stock Investor – $2,990

This course is presented as a”live” online interactive Zoom webinar style classroom. The classes are offered a couple of times a week with an experienced trader as the instructor.

Session 1

(2 Hour Class)

The first session works through the details of the stock market trading environment and the concepts behind how the big mutual and hedge funds move stock prices.  We look at the role analysts and market news play in moving markets and the few fundamental numbers that really count.  We work through the way sectors play a huge role in successful market investing and the picture of money as it flows from sector to sector.   We cover the idea of “momentum trading” and the concept behind protecting the downside in every trade we place. We begin to explore reasons why and how we select specific stocks as trading vehicles. We also spend time putting together your trade-desk trading “command center” of software tools and websites. This command center setup is required to better take advantage of and fully implement your new trade-desk skills.

Session 2

(2 Hour Class)

The second class session works through Technical Analysis and how it plays a major role in our decision making process. Learning to read charts is something we spend a significant time mastering.   We also begin with the nuts and bolts of running a trading account and the approach we take in our own accounts. We look at charts that we would invest in right here and right now. Our stock trading approach works for realistic percentage return goals that are achievable, not a dream.  We also establish workable risk/reward ratios that are sustainable.  This class talks about the software tools and informational websites needed to support your trading.

Session 3

(2 Hour Class)

Session 3 gets into the details of trading and works through the art of momentum investing in stocks and the philosophy and discipline of setting stops. We will walk through the successful investing rules and the professional approach to trading a long stock trading account. We cover sample stock trades from selection, to purchase, through to taking profits. We cover in detail how and where to set stops to successfully manage risk.

Session 4

(2 Hour Class)

Session 4 covers the steps and methods to finding a good trade and the tools and websites we use to select stocks that are good trading candidates.  We also cover a number of Wall Street concepts that will give you an advanced picture of market nuances.  These concepts will help to lift your experience level well beyond amateur status. The class is also a workshop finding and setting up real stock trades in the market.

OptionsWest Trading Service

This course also utilizes our OptionsWest Trading Service. The service provides daily email alerts of stock selections and other trades we are making in our investment accounts. The OptionsWest Trading Service membership includes access to the member’s area of the website and all the reports we share about the market including access to follow along with every trade and management move we make in both example accounts, the BlueSky account and the EquiFund.  The service is just $69.00 per month and is an invaluable time saver and  learning tool.

A Complete Course Workbook

A full course workbook detailing the the entire content and presentation of these four classes is included in your tuition for this course.  Many of the reports we make available on the member’s area of the website are also shared.

On-Going Support

The Successful Investor Stock course is the complete picture and skill set for learning to manage a successful simple long stock trading account. When you have completed this 4 class course you will be ready to practice learning the practical application of this skill set. You will know how to enter technically positive trades and manage an account to protect profits.  In beginning to practice your new skill it is important to take advantage of our on-going support.  Making full use of the OptionsWest Trading Service is a key to successful trading.  Attending our monthly on-line Super Session trader meetings is a great way advance your understanding of trading and to learn how to really utilize the Trading Service and all of its various reports.