Trading Service Details

Trading Service

Trading Service Details

The OptionsWest Trading Service details offers daily email alerts
and access to the research, reports and information that we use to run our investment accounts.

Email Alert Service

A key part of the OptionsWest Trading Service details includes timely email alerts. These email notices are sent out detailing every trade we place and every management move we make in three separate accounts that we run as examples for our clients. Samples of the email alerts for each of the three accounts, the EquiFund, the Active Trader account, and the BlueSky account are shown below.

EquiFund – Trade Alert
April 16, 2015 Thursday 9:05am PST
Placed an order for a May Wk3 Covered Call position in SWKS
SKWS    Strike Price 90     Spread    87.26

EquiFund – Trade Alert
April 26, 2015 Thursday 9:25am PST
Just got filled on this May Wk3 Covered Call position in SWKS
SKWS    Stock 95.96   Strike  90.00(6%ITM)   Premium  $8.70      Return    $8.70      Spread    87.26

Active Trader Account – Trade Alert
March 26, Thursday 9:50am PST
Bought a starting position in this stock this morning.
APPL    Stock 123.10      Stop 87.26     Riding the 50 DMA
Blue Sky – Trade Alert
March 12, 2015
The market has given us another major pull back opportunity … time to begin.
Bought a starting position in this stock this morning.
APPL    Stock 101.132      Stop 99.68

The Daily Rocket is an email report that is sent out each day after market close recapping the current status as well as any management moves made in the EquiFund, the Blue Sky account, and the Active Trader account. All trading service details are shared. It also includes comments on the market environment and thoughts on specific investment positions. This report has been a great learning tool for our clients. Below is a sample of a Daily Rocket email report.

Trade Ideas

The OptionsWest Trading Service also gives you 24/7 access to the member’s area of the website with many reports that share specific trade ideas. Our Daily Covered Call list is published about 9:00am each day with a raw list of possible covered call trades. We start with this list ourselves to place trades in the EquiFund. We also publish weekly a list of momentum trades by sector, a list of volatility squeezes that we are following, a list of stocks by sector that show technical breakout patterns and our Sweet List of stocks that we have on our watch list. The final report included in our trading service details is our ‘A’ List, a short list of 5-10 stocks we are currently looking to trade. The trading service details give us everything we need to make great trade decisions.  Click the icons below to view a sample of each of these reports available to subscribers.

Market Research and Reports

The trading service details includes a number charts and reports that help us get a better handle on the sentiment of the market and give us an edge in our investing. Click the icons or buttons below to view a sample of each of these reports available to subscribers.

All these reports and tools are available as a monthly subscription. The information is available 24/7 in the member’s area of the website with your login and password. Members who have taken the Weekend Course or the California eight-class Successful Investors course receive 12 months of the Trading Service details as part of their tuition as well as admission to our monthly on-line Super Session trader meetings.

Very simply, we teach successful investing!

From a client...

“This morning I called Charles Schwab about a technical issue with my account. The guy I talked to, Tyler, was a trader himself and asked me if I might share with him what I was doing to make money with options. He was impressed with my performance and doesn’t normally see these kinds of results in anybody’s account!" I pointed him to your website and told him to investigate your system, it works! ”… Phil Snyder

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