On-Line Super Session Webinar

Our monthly Super Session webinar is an invaluable help in sharpening trading skills

These monthly online webinar meetings are exclusively for our course graduates, those who have taken one of our classroom courses or weekend seminars. The meetings are a wonderful source for honing your investing skills.

Usually held on a Monday afternoon, following the Wk3 options expiration Friday, we hold an hour long, open, interactive meeting working through the details of the previous month’s trades placed in the EquiFund. The meeting is a “live” webinar where those logged-in can watch the chart view, listen, and ask questions during the presentation. We cover the details of each trade placed in the past month and those we have just entered in the current month for the EquiFund account. We also discuss trades placed in the Active Trader Account and the BlueSky Account. Q&A is part of the webinar and sharing trading ideas and stock charts with interesting price action is encouraged and welcomed. Again, the meeting is interactive and all the participants can share comments and ideas.

Two Requirements for Super Session Webinar attendance:

1. Complete an OptionsWest Classroom Course or Weekend Seminar

2. Be a current subscriber to the OptionsWest Trading Service …

Your course fee includes a (1) year subscription to the OptionsWest Trading Service,
so you are covered for the first year.