Covered Call ETF/Stock List

The OptionsWest Trading Service offers our Covered Call ETF/Stock List for those

trading our EquiFund strategy with its stellar annual % return record.

Covered Call ETF/Stock List

For clients who are following our OptionsWest Style Covered Call trading strategy, we present a Covered Call ETF/Stock list for easy trade selection. This list of possible covered call spread trades give us a good place to start when searching for trades; no need wasting time looking through the entire market of possibilities. Clients who have taken one of our courses are trained specifically in how to cull through this list for risk adverse investment opportunities. The list of ETF trades avoids earnings dates and is the same list we start with ourselves to place trades in the EquiFund.

The Covered Call ETF/Stock List is available as part of the OptionsWest Trading Service …

Trading Service

The OptionsWest Trading Service manages two trading accounts as examples for our clients, the BlueSKy Account and the EquiFund. Each trade and position move in both accounts is shared via timely email alerts, daily email reports, and access to the member’s area of the website. The member’s area maintains a daily record of both accounts and also presents a variety of stock selection reports and tools. All the email alerts, stock reports and tools are available as part of the monthly subscription. The information is available 24/7 in the member’s area of the website with your login and password.