EquiFund Account / Detail History

The OptionsWest “EquiFund” began in 2009 as an investment account exclusively trading our OptionsWest style covered call strategy. Looking through the numbers below will give you a good picture of the Equifund details and its success. The account is a clear demonstration of the results this approach can achieve when correctly applied. This account has averaged better than a 48% return since its inception and can be followed in detail through a subscription in our OptionsWest Trading Service. The service provides email alerts of every trade and management move made in the account.  Working through the Equifund details is a good way to get a feel for the approach and consistent success of this trading strategem.

2020 EquiFund Results

2019 EquiFund Results

2018 EquiFund Results

2017 EquiFund Results

2016 EquiFund Results

2015 EquiFund Results

2014 EquiFund Results

2013 EquiFund Results

2012 EquiFund Results

2011 EquiFund Results

2010 EquiFund Results

2009 EquiFund Results

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