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OptionsWest On-Going Support

Learning to trade is not an over-night endeavor and we want to make sure you learn this skill-set and become a proficient and profitable investor. To meet this goal, our courses allow for unlimited classes and attendance. When you sign-up for a specific OptionsWest webinar series and maintain membership in the monthly OptionsWest Trading Service, you are a client for life. You are welcome to attend the on-line “live” meetings, for the course you have chosen, for as long as you wish. We hold these “live” hour webinar classes at least twice per week and always include an educational topic followed by a look into the current market conditions and specific stocks that are working. We analyze stock charts and answer any and all questions during these sessions. Many of our clients participate in these classes/trader meetings for many years as a way to state connected and to pick-up trading ideas each week. Through this unlimited class approach, clients are enabled to learn this skill-set at their own pace, no pressure and no timetable.

Clients are encouraged to stay actively involved in the classes and weekly meetings for the course they have chosen.  Learning to trade successfully is a discipline that takes time to become familiar with the investment environment, as well as the tools of the professional investor.  With our unlimited classes approach, clients have the freedom to really absorb the nuances and details of trading.  Many times your first weeks are spent just getting familar with the mechanics of all the software products and websites we utilize, before you begin tackling the key tool in your arsenal, stock charts.  Learning to read stock charts successfully is a journey that takes continued exposure and explanation by an instructor.  The unlimited classes approach allows for all of this learning to slowly build until before you realize, you begin to understand how to really trade the market!

Learning to fully utilize the OptionsWest Trading Service and all its reports and tools, can be a great asset in running a consistently successfully investment account. Mastering how best to follow along with our two example trading accounts will also be invaluable. The Trading Service should be a key part of your trading support system and learning to include it in your investing is imperative for your bottom line. Following the BlueSky Account, EquiFund and the new Triple Array Account are wonderful examples for honing your trading skills.

Twice a week we hold an hour long interactive “webinar zoom traders meeting”.  In the conversation we talk through the details of the previous week’s trades placed in the BlueSky and EquiFund accounts.  The meeting is a “live” webinar where those logged-in can watch the chart view, listen, and ask questions during the presentation. We also spend time looking at charts of interest to the attendees. Q&A is part of the webinar, along with the sharing of trading ideas and interesting stock charts. These meetings are a great help in learning how others are running successful accounts.

The Daily Rocket email report is an email report that is sent out each day after market close recapping the current status of the market, as well as all management moves made in our example accounts, the BlueSky account, and the Equifund. The Daily Rocket also includes comments on the market environment and thoughts on specific investment positions. This report has been a great learning tool for our clients. Learning to read this report quickly is a skill that will be a great support for your trading.

For clients who could benefit from one-on-one consulting, individual training and specific help with our trading approach, OptionsWest offers an avenue for personal consulting. On-line webinar consulting sessions are available for working through the details of your trading positions and/or learning our approach and tools. The sessions are typically one hour in length and can be scheduled during or after market hours, your choice. We use an on-line meeting software platform that allows you to view our computer screen and participate with full interactive voice conversations. We can also record the session so you can review it anytime you wish.The cost of each consulting hour session is $240.00 hour,