The OptionsWest Mission

Successful Stock Market Investing

There is a skill-set required for successful stock investing which must be mastered before putting hard earned money into the stock market! Novice investors unfamiliar with this skill-set are not going to be consistently profitable at stock trading. Achieving consistent market returns is the secret to success and without trade-desk expertise is very unlikely. The key to growing a successful account is learning to create profitable trades with consistency.

Learning to successfully invest in the stock market is a teachable skill.  Acquiring the trade-desk skills necessary to profitably trade the market is a remarkably rewarding and achievable goal.  Interestingly, these skills are not taught in business schools.

Most of the world believes there is a measure of good fortune or insider information in effectively navigating the stock market but this is not accurate.  Successful investing is not a mystery or a game of chance and there is no big secret behind achieving outstanding returns.  There is however, a fundamental requirement for understanding how the market actually works and how to take advantage of this insight. Trading is a craft that can be learned, a methodical skill set that must be mastered.  Profitable investing is about managing risk.  Running a successful trading account is a talent that requires a clear perception of the market, a thorough awareness of how it operates, and a clear perspective on how the market thinks.  Without the proper skills, trading will most likely be a frustrating experience.  Novice investors with the desire to learn successful equity investing can succeed, if they are willing to put forth the effort to learn the nuances of the trading environment and to hone their skills.  The bottom line is that you CAN make this happen!

Very simply, our mission is to teach and share with clients a very profitable and consistently successful approach to market investing that the average American can actually learn and apply in his or her investment account.  This investing approach is very conservative in its mission and implementation and is a skill-set that can be taught and practiced successfully by regular folks. It is an approach to trading stocks that is simple and straightforward.  It does however require learning the basic skills that experienced trade-desk investors practice as professional money managers.   The learning process is rigorous yet well worth the effort. The results of our sample trading account below speak for themselves. 

Our return objective for the BlueSky Account is a 30%-50% annual return on investment(ROI) and we have achieved this goal each year. Realizing outstanding annual rates of return is a very attainable goal, all while employing a very conservative risk adverse approach that does not use margin. Further, the IRS considers this investment approach to be conservative and allows it to be employed in IRA accounts. Consistently achieving these results, year in and year out, is also attainable and our clients learn and practice this skill.

Learn to manage your own money... it can make a world of difference.

The path to learning trade-desk skills

1. Read the Book…” Not Rocket Science” … $199.00

2. Subscribe to the OptionsWest Trading Service… $69.00/month

3. Take the on-line “live” webinar course… $2,990.00

Many investors have achieved a solid trade desk education from just reading the book while following along with the sample trading accounts shared in the OptionsWest monthly trading service. The webinar course is a fast track to learning these skills.

Very Simply, We Teach Successful Investing

Master these trade-desk skills before investing in the market!