How the Pros Pick Stocks

This 1-Day class on picking stocks is a complete education in how the pros find successful stock trades

This class focuses on teaching the approach and skill set that the professionals use to pick successful stocks. Understanding how the stock market works and thinks is part and parcel to stock selection and this is a key part of the instruction. You will learn how to use the strategies the pros employ to consistently pick great performing stocks.  Starting with the entire market and quickly honing selections down to a hand-full of good trades is the skill set you will master in this class.  Picking stocks is a skill you can learn.

Picking Stocks

1-Day Class


This one day class is 4 hours long and works step by step through the details of finding and planning a stock trade. We walk through the process professionals use to cull stocks down from hundreds to a handful of current trade worthy equities.  We also walk through the parameters used to quickly evaluate those stock selections and the tools that can help us save time and money.  In class, we will be finding current actual market trades, planning our entry approach and determining realistic return expectations. Pickingstocks is as much an art at it is science.

OptionsWest Trading Service

This course also includes a 2 month subscription to our OptionsWest Trading Service. The service provides daily email alerts of stock selections and other trades we are making in our investment accounts.  The Trading Service membership includes access to the members area of the website and all the reports we share about the market including access to follow along with every trade and management move we make in three distinct trading accounts.  After the two month trial period, the service is just $69.00 per month.

Class Includes Full Color Workbook