Product Overview

OptionsWest offers a complete stock market investment education. Our classes and our on-going trading support environment can teach you how to run a successful stock trading account and more.

We accomplish this education through “live” on-line webinar style classes, daily email trading alerts and reports, monthly trader meetings, and on-going support via the OptionsWest Trading Service.

Courses Available

Successful Stock Investor Course

The Successful Investor course is our flagship curriculum consisting of 4 two hour classes. These classes are taught through our “live” on-line webinar style classes with an experienced instructor. Each class is approximately 2 hours long and must be taken in order. Clients take the classes typically once a week or every other week, as there is much to practice and study between classes. The course is actually self-paced, you make take the classes whenever they fit into your schedule. A detailed breakdown of the material covered in the four classes can be found by clicking on the blue “Stock Investor Course” button above.

Covered Call Options Course

The Covered Calls Options Course teaches the strategy that is used to trade the example account we call the EquiFund. This account employs the OptionsWest style covered call trade that has been so successful in consistently achieving double digit annual returns year after year, The covered call approach is unique in the field, with the goal of returning the account to a full cash position every month. .The covered call strategy is very conservative and can be implemented and managed with a minimum of 4-5 hours per month.A detailed breakdown of the material covered in the four classes can be found by clicking on the blue “Covered Call Course” button above.

Advanced Options Course

For investors who have extensive experience trading stocks and are familiar with options and options spread trades, we offer our Advanced Option Course. It consists of two (2) hour sessions with a “live” experienced trader through our on-line webinar style classes. This course is fast paced and presents our approach to trading risky but lucrative options.

The Advanced Trader course is an advanced course for those wishing to trade full time and learn the specifics of options trading. This Advanced Options Course is not recommended for less than full time traders and is for experienced investors..

OptionsWest Daily Rocket and Trade Alerts

BlueSky account

As a follow up to our “live” online class instruction, we have a number of avenues to support your continuing education in becoming a better market investor.  The OptionsWest Trading Service supplies an array of tools and invaluable information to help you achieve success in your trading account.  The service allows you to follow along with the two example trading accounts we manage as a learning tool for clients. The BlueSky Account is a sample long stock trading account and the EquiFund is our unique covered call trading account. The OptionsWest Trading Service, with its email trade alerts, members website reports and Daily Rocket email reports, is the perfect view into successful investing.

Not Rocket Science

Successful Stock Market investing is Not Rocket Science

This book teaches successful investing trade-desk skills

“Not Rocket Science” is the definitive book on how to run a successful stock trading account.   This book is included in the course tuition when taking the Successful Investor stock course.  You can purchase the book separately outside the course for $199.00.   949.690.9000

Monthly Super Session Meetings

Investing in the stock market can sometimes seem like a real puzzle, it does not have to be that way.  As an adjunct to taking the OptionsWest courses and also learning to fully utilize the information, reports,  and insights available through membership in the OptionsWest Trading Service, we offer an investment club meeting once a month.  We call this on-line interactive Zoom style meeting our “monthly Super Session”.  The meeting is open to all members of the Trading Service and is a “live” online gathering where we share all the details of the trading for the past month and discuss the current stock market environment.  It is a good time for sharing trading ideas or asking questions about investing in general or even inquiries about specific stocks or trades. This monthly meeting is a great way to keep you connected to the stock market atmosphere and to further enhance your trading acumen.

OptionsWest Trading Service

The OptionsWest Trading Service supplies an array of tools and invaluable information to help you achieve success in your trading account.  Following the daily email alerts and taking advantage of the reports and example trading accounts is a perfect method for honing your trading skills and becoming a better investor.  We have found it invaluable to really learn how to use all the information presented through the Trading Service. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with all the tools  and reports the service offers can make a huge difference in your trading success.

All these reports and tools are available as a monthly subscription. The information is available 24/7 in the member’s area of the website with your login and password. Members also have the privilege of attending our monthly on-line Super Session trader meetings, where we share trade ideas and answer questions..

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