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Software Tools

OptionsWest has two software programs, one for each of the two trading approaches that we run as examples to our clients.  The first is Trade Tracker, which is a great tool to use in managing a basic stock trading account like our BlueSky Account.  The second software tool is called TradeView and is our application for managing a covered call account like the EquiFund.

Trade Tracker Software

                      Trade Tracker is our helpful stock trading management software tool.

Trade Tracker is a Visual Basic/Excel software tool that allows investors to fully manage and track a stock trading account for a year. The software is designed to help in making entry point decisions while building and implementing trades, as well as helping to following a trade through to completion, assisting in making good management decisions. It is also a good trade log and administrative center for keeping track of archived trades, account history, and over-all account totals and percentage data.  The software requires Microsoft Excel to run properly and must have the Trust Security settings within Excel set to allow macros to run.

Trade Tracker software screenshot:

TradeView Software

                      TradeView is our invaluable Covered Call management software tool.

TradeView Software is our Visual Basic/Excel platform software tool that greatly enhances an investor’s ability to select, manage, track, and grow a Covered Call trading account. It has been indispensable in our own covered call trading and is a major factor in our success with the EquiFund.

TradeView is a program designed to greatly enhance an investor’s ability to manage an Optionswest style covered call trading account, like the EquiFund. Individual investors, who trade their own accounts, can greatly benefit from this tool. Our money managers at OptionsWest use TradeView to help them achieve significant and consistent annual returns. This tool is designed to manage accounts that trade OptionsWest style spread trades. TradeView is also an integral part of our course curriculum. It has been indispensable in our own trading and will play a major role in your financial success.

“TradeView is invaluable. The calculator is a huge timesaver. Tradeview replaces a couple of messy
spreadsheets I used in the past; great tool.”
– Steve Clapp, Former Marketing Executive

TradeView software screenshot:

TradeView Software is a Visual Basic/Excel software tool that manages an entire account and all your trades in that account for a calendar year.

Trade Tracker is a requirement for those taking the stock investing course and TradeView is a requirement for students who take the Covered Calls investing course.

1. Trade Tracker Software     $100.00     

The software is included in your course tuition.

3. TradeView Software     $300.00     

The software is included in your course tuition.

Annual software upgrades are free to OptionsWest Trading Service members.

Software upgrades are automatically included at no additional charge for those who subscribe to the OptionsWest Trading Service.