This Strategy Works!

Our EquiFund starts each year with a $100,000 and applies our unique “risk adverse” strategy as a trading example and learning tool for our clients. The results of this fund are displayed below…

Realizing outstanding annual rates of return exceeding 40%-50% a year, is a very attainable goal; all while employing a conservative non-directional investment approach that does not use margin. The strategy works.

Consistently achieving these results, year in and year out, is also attainable. Do not pass up this opportunity to learn how you can earn consistent annual returns of 40%-50% and more in your investment account.

Learn to manage your own money… it can make a world of difference.

Very simply, we teach successful investing!

Learn the strategy that produces a consistent 50%+ annual return.

Many folks are skeptical of these returns, and this is understandable given how stock market investing is portrayed in the press these days. Of course, journalists are not successful investors and really know very little about it, so let’s stop listening to them. Also, given the low rates of return offered by bank CD’s and Mutual Funds today, people are accustomed to expect meager percentage returns.

Our Online Starter Class video is free. This free class is a comprehensive two hour narrative, but we promise you will learn more than you can imagine about successful investing. We have opened the eyes of many skeptical folks to the wonders of actually knowing how to succeed in the market. Give us the opportunity to open your eyes, it is not a big secret, it’s not magical, it is just intelligent risk management.  This strategy works.

Individuals who trade near-term straight options are options speculators, who count on very risky concepts in investing their funds. They rely on guesswork, rumor, gossip, wishes, hopes, assumptions and the like. This is not a very sound basis for the conservative investor. We do not recommend straight short term options trades for our clients. These are just too risky and not required to create a healthy growing investment account.

OptionsWest uses a very disciplined and risk adverse approach and would never recommend trading risky near-term options. The “Options” in OptionsWest is very conservative. The approaches we teach are so conservative the IRS allows them in IRA accounts. We promise to show you the possibilities that are open to those who actually know what they are doing when investing in equities. Again, our approach is not a big secret or some new brilliant get rich scheme, it is a hybrid of the strategy professionals use to assure their funds are put to work with sound risk management. Good risk management can be achieved with stops or with a conservative hedged trade. A correctly designed covered calls strategy meets these hedged trade requirements well. Every successful investor knows how to trade covered calls. They know selling covered calls is simple and easy if sound investment rules are followed. For those who invest in risk managed covered calls, and apply the correct level of risk, trading can be money in the bank. Learning our unique OptionsWest style covered calls strategy and using our risk management tools is a sure road to a successful account.  This strategy works!

STOP settling for meager investment returns!

If you are not earning a 40%-50% annual return on your money…
your account is under-performing.

This is kind of a bold statement, so come learn how to make a difference in your financial life, the on-line “Free Starter Class video” is, well… Free!

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