Successful Investing

Successful Investing

OptionsWest knows that successful investing is an acquired skill that can change your financial life. Learning to make your money grow quickly and consistently is a very satisfying endeavor. It is a great feeling to know that you actually “know what you are doing” investing in the market. By learning to apply conservative investment strategies and utilizing today’s online trading environment with now free commissions on all stock trades, investors can master successful investing.

The education we provide at OptionsWest is the link between having the desire to practice successful investing and actually achieving this goal. We teach a very specific skill set that trade-desk professionals use to run very successful trading accounts. Many investing seminars lecture about advanced trading concepts and teach complicated spread trades. We teach a very specific, simple strategy that even part-time amateur investors can master and apply with wonderful success. Our on-line “live” webinar courses employ a classroom approach to help you get a real feel for our method and our on-going support avenues help you make practical your new skill-set. To see if OptionsWest is right for you and to learn more about our approach to investing you are invited to watch the free on-line starter class video.

“I’ve taken quite a few courses/seminars in the past, and this was my best experience by far. Learned a good deal and can apply it straight away”… Steve Clapp, Marketing Executive

Building a Passive Income

Our educational institutions today rarely teach successful investing and the tools required to achieve a passive income. They espouse the mantra of getting a good job with a 401k and great benefits. They never focus on the critical importance of learning to invest your money and the vital principles behind putting that money to work.

Most of us today are too busy making a living to do much more than dream about achieving a consistent level of successful investing. We probably went through college with a variety of goals and aspirations, hoping our education would help us build a more substantial income and lifestyle. For many of us, financial freedom seems always just out of reach. However, the truth is that a passive income is a very attainable goal. In order to accomplish this goal you must learn how to put your money to work and make it work hard. OptionsWest knows that investing successfully is a skill that can be learned. All it takes is getting a real investment education, focusing on your finances, and making sure that equity investing is one of your life skills. You can make this happen, and we’re here to help.

The path to learning trade-desk skills

1. Read the Book…” Not Rocket Science” … $199.00

2. Subscribe to the OptionsWest Trading Service… $69.00/month

3. Take the on-line “live” webinar course… $2,990.00

Many investors have achieved a solid trade desk education from just reading the book while following along with the sample trading accounts shared in the OptionsWest monthly trading service. The webinar course is a fast track to learning these skills.

Learning trade desk skills…

Professional investors make a substantial income trading equities in the stock market because they have the trade-desk skills that are imperative for this activity. Professional traders on Wall Street have a goal of earning a 30% to 50% annual return on their money, and they usually exceed this objective. After learning trade-desk skills, you should expect nothing less.  Most stock brokers, technical analysts, Harvard MBA’s, and Certified Financial Planners alike, are not professional trade-desk traders. They are salesman, number-crunchers, academics, and insurance agents, and as such they usually know little about the trade-desk skill-set required for producing substantial and consistent growth in a trading account. Investing successfully in the stock market is not their focus, nor the way they make a living. Professional traders, on the other hand, do a make a living buying and selling stocks on a regular basis.  It just makes sense to learn the skill-set required for successful investing from active traders.

Financial Freedom is not Rocket Science…

Some of the ideas, terminology, and concepts of the skilled trade-desk investor may seem like “Rocket Science”  in the beginning, but rest assured it is not that complicated.  Like any new discipline, once mastered it will seem simple, obvious and perfectly natural.  Our courses teach you how professional investors achieve annual returns of 30% -50% using very simple straightforward approaches to risk management. Learning these trade-desk skills will be a very sound financial investment in yourself.

You can make this happen…

Mastering the ability to successfully trade in the market is not a mystery and there is no big secret behind achieving outstanding returns, although there is a large requirement for common sense, patience, and humility,… qualities the amateur investor seems to avoid regularly. Anyone with the desire to learn to express these qualities can succeed at investing. You can make this happen!

Your financial life will never be the same…

“If I could really achieve the returns you’re talking about,
why that could change my life!”………Yes it could.

Achieving a consistent level of successful investing can open up a whole new world of financial opportunity for you and your family. We hope this program is the catalyst that helps you reach the goal of financial freedom.

Investing can provide you with a passive income, your day job may not…

Unless you are a movie star, a pro athlete, or a Silicon Valley trust fund baby, the only sure way to achieve a passive income is to have your money making you money. When you work for a wage or salary your income is inherently limited. Invested money, however, can produce income all by itself, even while you sleep. Successful investing should be a high priority to those working and striving for financial freedom. Making your money work for you is a wealthy and intelligent perspective to take and, ultimately, your ticket to financial independence.

How OptionsWest can help you build a passive income stream…

An OptionsWest education gives you the tools you need to attain your financial ambitions. Our classes teach you the skills of a successful investor and will give you the knowledge to succeed in the market. You will learn everything from the basics of investing to a professional trade-desk approach to market trading. Making your money grow at double-digit annual rates of return is a sure path to creating a passive income stream sooner than later.

Very simply, we teach successful investing!

We have three avenues for learning how to invest successfully in the market. 1) Our “live” on-line webinar style classes give you access to an experienced instructor and trade-desk cuuriculumn. 2) Our monthly on-line super session trade meetings keep you connected and learning. 3) Membership in our OptionsWest Trading Service its with daily email alerts and reports keep you tuned into active trades and example trading accounts.