Successful Stock Investor Course

This course will teach you the trade-desk skills needed

to run a successful stock trading account.

This course breaks down the Wall Street culture and shares the details of how the stock market thinks and works. The training focuses on learning how to run a successful stock trading account where significant double digit annual returns are your objective and expectation. The skills required to achieve consistent positive returns in the market are simple, yet powerful and are those same trade-desk skills practiced by professional traders.  This skill-set is a craft that can be taught and applied by anyone who is serious about making market investing a profitable venture and a discipline they have mastered. 

Successful Stock Investor – $2,990

This course is presented as a “live” online interactive Zoom webinar and is unlimited in scope. The classes/meetings are offered multiple times a week with an experienced trader as the instructor and once you are a client, you are welcome to participate in the classes for as long as you require.   We call it the “unlimited classes” approach and it allows clients to attend classes until they have fully mastered the skill-set, all at their own pace.

Many investors that learned these skills at their own pace, still tune in to the meetings for stock tips, even after trading successfully for many years.

Successful Stock Course

(2 Hour Sessions)

This course consists of Zoom webinar sessions that are two hours in length, with time spent during the first hour covering a trading topic specific to growing your trade-desk skills.  The second hour focuses more on the current market environment and highlights individual sectors and stocks that are currently good investing vehicles. We also spend time working on your trading “command center” of software tools and websites. This command center setup, as well as, practice utilizing the OptionsWest report tools available, is a key to taking full advantage of the information that can hone your investment skills.

OptionsWest Trading Service

This course also utilizes our OptionsWest Trading Service. The service provides daily email alerts of stock selections and other trades we are making in our investment accounts. The OptionsWest Trading Service membership includes access to the member’s area of the website and all the reports we share about the market including access to follow along with every trade and management move we make in our example accounts, the BlueSky account, the Triple Array account and the EquiFund.  The service is just $69.00 per month and is an invaluable time saver and  learning tool.

On-Going Support

The Successful Investor Stock course will give you the confidence and the tools needed for managing a successful stock trading account.  A key tool in your quiver will be the OptionsWest Trading Service; it is a valuable part of our successful trading.  Continued attendance at our weekly sessions is a great way to advance your understanding of trading and to learn how to really utilize the Trading Service and all of its various reports.