What clients have to say…

Mindy Montgomery, Retired School Teacher, Trabuco Canyon, California

I am so grateful to be a student of OptionsWest. For years I relied on professional brokers to make decisions regarding my investment portfolio. I simply left my funds in their hands and trusted their judgement. Then my husband and I attended a free OptionsWest starter class. As conservative investors, we were sold from the onset. Using the OptionsWest tools and strategies I am thrilled to report we have averaged over 3% return each month and have not lost a cent. The OptionsWest trading strategy is like magic; each month our account grows ~ with minimal time requirements. I love the freedom afforded as I can “work” any place with computer access! Owner, Mark Strickland, a personal friend is honest, trustworthy, principled and an all around nice guy. He is knowledgeable in his trade and a terrific teacher. I highly recommend this education opportunity to anyone wanting to take charge of his or her financial future.

David Gibson, Architect, Collaborative Group Architects, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona

I would like to attest to the value of OptionsWest teaching style and support for the unique trading strategy. As a busy professional I had relied upon a well known investment company to handle all my retirement funds. Unfortunately, the yield was much less than I had hoped for. Before I had heard about OptionsWest I thought my only avenue was to learn all about the stock market and invest a substantial amount of time into daily trading in order to make substantial earnings. With the OptionsWest trading approach I have been able to learn some simple trading techniques utilizing their “TradeView” management tool to make calculated low risk investments with minimum time investment of a few hours per month. With the help of OptionsWest I have learned the basic tools of investing and have been able to transfer my existing Sep IRA into my own trading account and triple my returns over my previous earnings.. I am pleased with the professionalism, support, and innovative tools designed by OptionsWest and would recommend the system to anyone.

Dave Bravender, Airline Pilot, United Airlines, Maalaea Maui, Hawaii

I approached the OptionsWest covered call strategy with a good base knowledge of options trading; as I was very familiar and comfortable with the covered call trading strategy, I just hadn’t seen it presented in this way.  I took the course because I am of the opinion that further education is always a good idea.  I found that the course material was sound, well written and easy to assimilate.  I did apply myself diligently though as I take trading very seriously and I treat it as a business.  I have traded this methodology for the last year and a half and have not had a losing trade yet.  That doesn’t mean everything went as planned and yes, there have been some trades that seemingly went bad.  I simply had to manage them from which you will learn how to do if you choose to use this strategy.  I will say that 90% of my trades have executed as planned and only 10% needed to be managed.  I must emphasize that if you are going to trade options you need to become a good chart reader of the underlying security.  It’s not hard, but it requires some effort and attention.  Pay attention to the course material…it’s good!  Happy Trading!

Bryan Canfield, Former stock broker, San Juan Capistrano, California

I have been investing for years. I have tried many methods and paid a good sum in education. I was really looking for a method of trading that was consistent and wasn’t a full time job. After taking the course at OptionsWest, I feel that I have found what I am looking for. I have been generating consistent monthly returns, and at the same time only spending a few hours a month. I now have the time to concentrate on what is important in my life and the peace of mind knowing that my finances are headed in the right direction. OptionsWest is a great system and worth it’s weight in gold!

Craig Gittleman, Finance MBA – Magnolia, Texas

The unique OptionsWest style trading strategy has revitalized my approach to investing. Before OptionsWest, I teetered back and forth between the low return and supposed safety of a diversified Mutual fund or rode the ups and downs of directional stock trading. Neither approach was able to consistently produce a decent return without undue risk. In addition, my money was either at the control of some fund manager’s whims or my own guesses on the long-term growth and earnings power around companies I knew little about and had not the time or core knowledge needed to really learn about them as I should.

With the OptionsWest style of trading, I am looking at a relatively safe 3%+ per month return or a 42%-50% annual return even in flat or slightly down markets. The magic of the approach for me is caught up in several key factors. First the investments are based on companies which only seek to validate short term stability and not long term viability ( I don’t need to be an expert on the company or industry I invest in ). Second, the return I set is determined when the trades are placed and the stock doesn’t have to move up at all for me to realize these returns. In fact, I’ve made my targeted return in cases where the stock went down as much as 9% from the time of purchase. Third, I am in control and can leverage options trading strategies to manage even those positions that fall below the target return threshold. Fourth, the program focuses on liquidity. You are back to cash each month which minimizes risk and doesn’t tie up funds should they be needed elsewhere. In summary, this program offers a high return, highly liquid investment strategy with less risk than any other approach offering anywhere near the levels of return.

My first quarter results: This year to date I have closed out 18 positions. In six, the stock price at option expiration closed lower than my purchase price. That’s a loss for a directional stock trader, but my trades were all positive. In all 18 trades, my worst return was 3% in 56 days and my best was 13.7% in 11 days. No transactions to date have lost money. 100% successful trades.

Why OptionsWest? Well, hedged trading is nothing new. I had in fact heard of it before and even researched it. The complex world of options and other derivative strategies always seemed to complex and risky for me to venture into. What OptionsWest has done is to zero in on a corner of this investment vehicle that actually caps risk while still offering high returns. The key to executing this strategy successfully is to go through the elements of the OptionsWest program that really help you understand how to set up the right trading environment, learn and re-learn the core fundamentals as they relate to this strategy, and learn how to find the right stocks and execute the right trading strategies to capitalize on them. I know that I never would have put this strategy together and applied it successfully on my own.

Jeff Belote, Manufacturers’ Rep – Dallas, Texas

As one who was always interested in the stock market, I had long searched for alternatives to mutual funds and random stock picks that produced returns consistently below my expectations. I took the OptionsWest Successful Investor Series course, along with my father and brother. Within weeks after completing the course we were all earning a consistent 3% per month return and some months were as high as a 7% return! In addition to helping us learn the methods and all the financial tools, the owner, Mark Strickland, is always there to provide guidance and make suggestions on how to further our success. Mark Strickland and OptionsWest are truly on of the most professional organizations I have ever dealt with and I credit them with helping myself and my family take control of our financial future.

Dave Radel, Business Owner – Rancho Santa Fe, California

I began investing my money in Mutual funds since 1989. In 2005 I followed the path that many do; deciding to take control of my own trading accounts, learning the basics by reading, researching, trial and error. I would classify myself as a value trader with a moderate risk tolerance.

Some years I did well and some years were marginal at best. I could never get consistent returns AND NOT devote every waking hour analyzing the market. I work full time and have a family, so actively managing my trading account was a major challenge. To save time on research, I joined the Motley Fool Stock Adviser in October 2008 and started trading stock and options based on their analysis and recommendations. I learned a lot about and practised options strategies, especially covered calls. Things were much better, but still inconsistent returns. I knew that hedged trades were the way to go for me, but I did not have the time or experience to develop a consistent system to take full advantage of them.

Then, I met Mark Strickland the President of OptionsWest. I took his “OptionsWest Free Starter Class” and immediately realized this hedged approach was what I was looking for. If you want to take control of your financial future, realize consistent, better than marekt returns, minimize your risk exposure AND have a life, then I would highly recommend taking the NO PRESSURE, “Free Starter Class”.

Phil Snyder, Engineer, Livermore, California

I’m very happy with my first years performance. I calculate about 24%, accounting for everything. I’ve never made this much money with a fairly large sum (in fact I almost doubled my salary!) I would have done better except for the rough September and October. Your class helped me not panic, and instead manage my challenging positions back to profitability. I hope to improve this year with more experience. Thanks, and have a great 2015!

Suzanne Thomas Finance MBA – Alta Dena, California

I tried stock and options trading about ten years ago for six months and was not really successful. I had purchased a video program and followed the ideas presented. I learned so much more in the OptionsWest classes they have made a hugh difference and the OptionsWest strategy is much more conservative. I have been trading the OptionsWest style hedged stratgey for about a year now in my IRA account and have been able to maintain about a 3% monthly return, so I am meeting my expectations. Since I work full time and am not able to devote a lot of hours to watching the market, I really like this approach, as I usually only spend about 4-5 hours per month managing my account.

The classes really covered everything I needed to learn this stuff and the software tools that were provided as a part of the course have been invaluable to making things easy and even fun. For me, the monthly “Supersession” meetings are very helpful as an ongoing support system, I feel much more comfortable having control over my money and enjoy watching my conservative consistent progress with a sense that I actually know what I am doing. Even though the course was expensive I have already recommended it to a number of family and friends, as I know they will cover their education investment quickly when they start trading.

Daryl Beebe, Business Owner – Rancho Santa Margarita, California

My introduction to OptionsWest came at a time when I began considering how I could generate superior and more reliable returns through better understanding and a strategic methodology. I had experienced multiple decades of the stock market’s inherent volatility and the unimpressive benefits of having a professionally managed “buy and hold” fund accounts,. The Options West course provided an excellent foundational understanding of trends, terminologies, and technology. I learned how to identify strong sectors and solid companies. I was provided the tools and the techniques to begin a disciplined trading strategy. I began investing in the final month of 2010. For the first four months, I was highly satisfied with my account performance and returns. The market has since taken a series of drastic declines yet I remain confident that holding to the strategy that was and continues to be reinforced will keep me on track for the expected yields. Throughout my entire experience, Options West has been amazingly supportive at every step, and I would recommend the education and training to anyone interested in taking a more active role in their stock finances.

Eric Clark, Professional Tennis Coach – Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Success is at your fingertips. Tired of paying someone commission, that allows them to build wealth? OptionsWest is what I was looking for to build true confidence in controlling my own wealth building and management. The first reaction most have to something offering such stellar results is that this is not possible. This is not a gimmick, it is a graduate investment course in risk management that could turn my grandmother into a trading pro. The time required to master this strategy is minimal, but it is not overnight. To truly learn this successful approach might take you 6 months, after that the sky is the limit.

My advice is don’t be intimidated, this course is empowering. Take all eight classes, learn the whole program. The OptionsWest staff truly care about your success, they will not allow you to fail. You can even get personal coaching. You can also repeat the classes as many times as you wish, I took advantage of this and it was very helpful. Rest assured, once you’ve learned the technique and principles you will feel like an insider, a pro.

The magic to this system is in the “stealth compounding” small percentage returns and back to cash, then repeat, repeat and repeat… consistent results. The only downside is really a positive, as you might end up buying stock at a 5%-10% discount and hold it for a month or two before achieving your small percentage return. And then you’re back to cash! I recommend this course to anyone looking to build wealth and remain financially liquid.