Fly-In Weekend Seminar

This weekend seminar is our course for learning to trade an OptionsWest style account.

When the need arises, we hold investment weekend seminars that teach the OptionsWest approach to stock trading and our unique covered call strategy. This consistently successful approach is used to manage the OptionsWest EquiFund. Out-of-state clients have appreciated the fly-in weekend seminars. These “Weekend Courses” include six concentrated 3.0+ hour sessions that teach the same strategy as our full course curriculum. The weekend seminar training approach includes two full weekend events. The initial 3 day seminar provides the full course training and is a rigorous 5 session weekend. Attendees are welcome and encouraged to return for a second weekend refresher course.

This weekend seminar is specifically designed for out of town investors who want to learn our unique risk-adverse investment strategy that produces consistent 40%-50% annual returns. The weekend seminar covers the full strategy that is taught in our core 8 class course. You will also receive the software “tools” that allow you to automate your risk management decisions. These tools save you valuable time better spent enjoying life than researching stocks. For investors who are already comfortable trading stocks, and are familiar with at least the basics of spread trades and covered calls, this first 3 day weekend seminar may be the only weekend trip you will need. The 3-day seminar covers the entire course, although there is a lot of information to absorb. Returning for a refresher weekend is always part of the plan and will be imperative for those who are initially learning equity investing from the ground up. The second weekend refresher seminar is a repeat of the entire course, allowing the complete picture and all the trading nuances to become clear. It is customary to allow yourself three to six months or more before taking the refresher weekend.

The cost of both weekends includes the TradeView account management software (a course pre-requisite), a 12
month subscription to the OptionsWest Trading Service with the Daily Covered Call listing sheet and the email trade alerts. Great and reasonable accommodations are available at the Ayres Hotel in Rancho Santa Margarita and the classroom is located nearby. Each weekend includes a complimentary dinner on Friday night at a favorite local eatery. We also usually take lunch together allowing for further Q&A.

The Fly-In Weekend Seminar

Session 1

(3.5 Hour Class)

The first session provides the groundwork and foundation for the entire course including the establishment of what we call your “trading command center”. This command center is essential for successful trading and includes all the tools you will need to master EquiFund style investing. This session also covers the nuances of the stock market environment, the basics of Wall Street’s approach, and an introduction to our spread trade, the PEG, the short float, and risk vs reward.

Session 2

(3.5 Hour Class)

Session number 2 is all about the OptionsWest style spread trade and the philosophy behind the strategy. We also work with the Covered Call Calculator in detail and the risk level management specifics which we follow for this trade. We walk through the complete trade process and introduce TradeView, our software support tool. We cover the “delta out” concept and the automated orders required to establish this part of the process. We also begin to work through the process for finding these trades and the monthly steps and timing for their implementation.

Session 3

(3 Hour Class)

Session 3 starts with a workshop of running through the process and using all the tools in our command center. We begin using all the functions of TradeView and work through the techniques for handling trades that require management. Time is spent working through the steps and risk parameters for finding risk adverse trades and for implementing those trades. We do all of this in a virtual trading platform using the live open market price action as our learning environment.

Session 4

(3 Hour Class)

Session 4 of the weekend seminar is after the market close, so we work on Technical Analysis techniques and approaches to choosing and designing risk adverse trades. We walk through chart examples and discuss the strategy and approach to selecting trades that meet the risk profile we have defined. We also work through examples of charts to give you a good feel for the trades you should be comfortable making.

Session 5 Workshop

(4 Hour Class)

Session five is the final workshop where we put it all together and run through the entire process from selecting trades, to designing the trade, placing trades, managing individual positions, and managing your entire spread trade account. We also spend time on final Q&A and personal coaching.

Full Color Workbook for Each Class

Each of the five sessions include a full color workbook detailing the contents and presentation of the class. Many of the reports we make available on the member’s area of the website are also shared, along with homework to keep you involved with the learning process.